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This wooden plectrum design is to celebrate all the great guitarists out there. It’s the perfect gift for guitar players or for people who love music or just fancy having this on their wall because it looks lush.

The idea for this came about because we have two guitar lovers at Multiminded – one who plays properly and has for years and the other who is a total newbie.  Whenever we see our favourite bands play we always talk about the guitar playing afterwards. We couldn’t fit in every single one of the guitar greats on this plectrum so may end up doing another version at some point but there are lots of absolutely incredible guitarists in this list.

We love the wood version but are also producing a version in a different material next year so watch this space or get in touch to be kept in the loop.

Large guitar plectrum made in birch plywood and laser etched.

Please note that this is only available in a white frame at the moment. We will be getting new stock of black frames in the New Year. 

Frame Details:
White frame, depth:4.5 cm
 Frame width:25 cm
 Frame height:25 cm or larger version: 27 x 27 x 6.5cm
Frame/ Inside frame: fibreboard, paper foil.
Front protection: polystyrene plastic