Record Dividers Double Sided


If you love your record collection as much as we love ours you you will always be on the lookout for cool but practical ways to display it. As your collection expands how on earth do you find a particular record when you want to play it?  Our beautifully crafted record dividers will make that job much easier.

These are dividers for 12 inch records/LPs but we will be adding a set for 7 inch singles soon.

NB These will be produced in poplar wood which is a slightly ligher, whiter wood than those pictured. New images coming soon. Design is inspired by the grooves of a record.  Every divider is unique as no piece of wood is the same.

We produce dividers in a number of different options. This particular set consists of 8 dividers of 3 letters each to give a full set of A – Z. They are two sided.  We also produce a single sided version for £69.95 and other versions in different types of music such as dance, disco, indie, soul, etc. Please contact us for more details.

We can also produce bespoke/personalised versions. Please contact us for pricing options.

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