Battersea Power Station White Frame


Iconic Battersea Power Station building made in wood. We also make a version of this with the flying pig.


The iconic Battersea Power Station building made in layered wood and framed.

Multiminded’s Fiona has always loved this building from when she worked in London.  We have a number of requests to make this one for our wooden landmarks collection and are so glad we did.

If you would prefer the version with the little pig added inspired by Pink Floyds’ Animals album you can find it here.

Frame can be hung from the wall or it stands up on a sideboard or shelf, etc. This is also available in a black frame or as a stand alone wooden ornament. The layered wood effect gives it a kind of 3D dimension that lifts award from the back of the picture.

We currently only have listed shipping options to the UK but if you would like to have it shipped further afield please get in touch and we can see what’s possible.