Castle Howard In White Frame


In production: the iconic Castle Howard made in layered and etched wood. Design and images coming soon. Please get in touch to find out when this design will be complete and ready to be shipped but it will be in good time for pre Christmas delivery.


Iconic Castle Howard made in layered and etched wood.

Frame can be hung from the wall or stands up on a sideboard or shelf, etc. This is also available in a black frame. You can see the layered wood effect which gives it a 3D dimension.

Cut and etched in layered birch wood. Frame colour: white.
Dimensions of frame; 27cm width by 27cm height. It is also available with a black frame or as a stand alone wood ornament.

We currently only have listed shipping options to the UK but if you would like to have it shipped further afield please get in touch and we can see what’s possible.