CD Dividers


CD dividers made in poplar wood inspired by the CDJs/XDJs used by club and famous DJs.

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If you treasure your music collection as much as we do you will always be on the lookout for practical but cool ways to display it. As your collection expands how do you find a particular CD when you want to play it?  Our beautifully crafted CD dividers will make that job much easier.

The design is inspired by the CDJs/XDJs used by club and famous DJs.  Every divider is unique as no piece of wood is the same and you can see tiny flecks and elements of wood grain.

Set of 26 in poplar wood. That’s less than £2.00 per divider.

We produce dividers in a number of different options.  We also produce them for vinyl collections including a set of 8 with each with 3 letters and also a set of 26. We also produce other versions in different types of music such as dance, disco, indie, soul, etc. Please contact us for more details.

We can also produce bespoke/personalised versions. Please contact us for pricing options.