Ping Pong White Long Sleeved T Shirt


Fruit of the Loom® ink printed heavy cotton HD™ long sleeved T-shirt



Do you know about the Ping Pong Clubbing phenomenon? No, neither did we. Until we became part of it. Over a decade ago one of the best pubs in the North East, The Cumberland Arms featured a regular ping pong club night where everyone would all play ping pong together around one table until all but two were eliminated. After a few hours of games the table would be folded away and the dancing began.

But this didn’t just happen in Newcastle. Ping pong clubs began popping up in cities all over the world. Multiminded followed the ping pong underground club scene to Berlin to make a film at Pongress.

We designed two different T shirts designs to commemorate the occasions and there designs are now worn by ping pong clubbers around the world. These are the designs. We have some new designs to follow in a few months.

We also produce tote bags and wall art of each designs. Please contact us to order.